Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Readers' Favorite New England Scenic Fall Destinations

Article and 2008 late October photo of Cumberland Reservoir, Cumberland, R.I., by Eric H.

Bookmark and ShareRecently, we have received some wonderful feedback on readers' favorite New England fall destinations. We must say that we agree with the choices, as stated below, as each area resonates with traditionally wonderful fall foliage. Readers, we appreciate your feedback, and encourage you to further add to this list with your own comments!

Here is the latest fall foliage destinations feedback:

From our Facebook New England Vacations Fan Page:
Debbie says, "Crawford Notch is gorgeous. I love going through Franconia Notch, too." Debbie adds that the "Kanc'"(Kancamagus Highway) is another favorite, as is Bear Notch Road (near the Kancamagus) and... "everywhere in northern NH!"

Marc says, "Route 100 in Vermont (also, the Thirteen Mile Woods section of Route 16 in NH)."

Kristie adds, "Quechee & Woodstock VT area, too!"

Our NewEnglandInfo Twitter followers have additional valuable feedback on prime New England fall foliage destinations:

Gil Simmons, morning Morning Meteorologist for WTNH 8 ABC , New Haven, Conn. (Twitter name: gilsimmons) recommends, "Rte. 169 in Eastern Connecticut.....Rte. 44 form Rhode Island to the NW hills of Connecticut, as well!"

Carol Casey (Twitter name: CarolCasey) says, "Ditto to what @gilsimmons said, as well as RT 214 in SE CT."

Erica Bates (Twitter name: erica_bates) states that "Park Loop Road in Acadia National Park (ANP, Maine) is gorgeous! All of ANP gorgeous!"

I'd like to add a New England area that doesn't get a lot of press: the Wrentham, Mass./Cumberland, R.I. pocket. Pleasantly rural (for Cumberland, that means on opposite side of town from the densely-populated Valley Falls area), fall foliage really starts to pick up around mid-to-late October, further enhanced scenically by area lakes and ponds, as well as local farm stands like The Big Apple and Phantom Farms.

For more information on scenic fall foliage destinations, we recommend reading our "Best New England Fall Foliage Travel Destinations, Vacations and Scenic Drives" article at For a great photo tour of the New England fall foliage, we recommend reading The Colors of Fall: A Celebration of New England's Foliage Season

We look forward to reading your comments here on your favorite scenic New England fall destinations!

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