Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Five-and-Dime Store Lives on in Concord, Mass.

Article and photo by Eric H.

Bookmark and recently featured an article on the West Concord 5 and 10 in West Concord, Mass. A true trip-back-in-time, this classic five-and-dime store doesn't waste an inch of retail space, featuring items like yarn, home furnishings, kitchen appliances, candy, hardware, toys, stuffed animals, greeting cards, toilet seats, and electronics. They also sell hard-to-find items like kettle cleaners and screaming flying monkeys (the chimp screams while flying through the air via rubber bands)!

As the five-and-dime store is now rare in New England, the special feeling of shopping at the West Concord 5 and 10 brings up warm feelings of nostalgia and community spirit. It is Norman Rockwell and Mayberry RFD rolled up into one pleasing mix of small-town Americana. The West Concord 5 and 10 is located at, 106 Commonwealth Ave., West Concord, Mass. Tel. (978) 369-9011

To read more about the West Concord 5 and 10, click on the link above.

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