Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Gourd" Vibrations at Sunshine Farm, Sherborn, Mass.

Article and photos by Eric H.

Bookmark and ShareSunshine Farm in Sherborn, Mass., is never out of its gourd(s).

Excuse the play on words, but come fall time, gourds play a prominent retail role alongside their famous cousin -- the pumpkin -- at this peaceful road side farm stand, minutes from the more hectic retail shopping pace of Route 9 in Framingham and Natick. Gourds can be used for fall decorations, or for use as sculptures, baskets, masks or musical instruments. Some people even give out gourds for Halloween. Growing up, we had neighbors that gave us hungry kids non-edible gourds instead of candy bars. Place that brilliant 1970s-style idea alongside orange shag rugs, pet rocks and Ford Pintos.

If you are so inclined to buy a gourd, Sunshine Farm offers one of the biggest selections in the area. If you are not so inclined, the third-generation, family-owned 100-acre Sunshine Farm offers a wonderful little fall destination experience with a farm market (including a bakery, and a wide variety of on-the-premises or locally-grown produce (including bags of apples), many rows of pumpkins for sale, and squash, mums (from a terrific gardening center) and corn stalks. A fantastic ice cream stand features tasty flavors like pumpkin, apple crisp, mango, pomegranate chip, and coconut.

Sunshine Farm is open May through December, offering fields of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and peaches at various times of the year. It's really the quintessential road side farm stand, looking like one and acting like one with its relaxed, rural presence, merchandise and friendly help.

Sunshine Farm will be featuring a fall event, come Columbus Day (Oct. 10-12): with "U-Pick" raspberries and pumpkins. Weekend Fall Foliage Hayrides start from noon-4pm. ($3.00 per person). Specials at the market and gardening center include pumpkins and mums and cornstalks, pies, breads, apples and cider.

Sunshine Farm really hits on all roadside farm cylinders -- produce, bakery, gardening, "u pick" fruits in the field, ice cream, pumpkins -- and yes, gourds for the biggest fans of this unique member of the Cucurbitaceae family!

Sunshine Farm
41 Kendall Ave.
Sherborm, Mass.
Tel. (508) 655-5022

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