Sunday, April 8, 2012

Visiting Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream in Mystic, Conn.

Let's continue the ice cream blogging one more time by giving a shout-out to Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream in Mystic, Conn. Now, it's always good to find an ice cream place in a great travel destination like Mystic, and even nicer when the ice cream, atmosphere and service are outstanding. The ice cream is definitely more expensive, but it's well worth the slight increase in price. The reason: most ice cream has a higher volume of air, which means less taste. You'd be surprised how many well-known ice cream places employ this method. Creating one batch at a time of creamier, superior tasting ice cream with premium ingredients, as well as frozen yogurt and sorbet, really elevates this ice cream into our personal "Best of New England" category. When visiting here, I always get the "Lemon Chocolate Kiss," a mouthwatering combination of, surprise, lemon and chocolate!

The atmosphere is bustling and the frequent lines move right along due to some skilled, well-trained employees. What's more, we love sitting outside in the summer on the narrow deck overlooking the Mystic River. Right next to the Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream is the Mystic Drawbridge, an awesome sight. The 21 ft. long Mystic Drawbridge has a counter weight of 230 tons each and movable span length of 85 ft.  That means the moving parts are really heavy and the overall size of the operating elements of the bridge gigantic!

Mystic Drawbridge also serves sandwiches, wraps, salads, fresh baked pastries, and some very good coffee, but we like the ice cream the best!

Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream is located at 2 West Main St., Mystic CT. Tel. (860) 572-7978. We recommend checking the Mystic Drawbridge Web Site for seasonal hours.

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