Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kimball Farm is Westford, Mass., a Classic New England Ice Cream Stand

We all love those classic New England ice cream stands -- rural ambiance and all -- but it does absolutely no good if the ice cream is lousy. Fortunately, Kimball's in Westford, Mass. (about an hour northwest of Boston), has kept its long-time quality tradition intact by serving what we feel is some of the best ice cream we've ever sampled in New England. Whether a traditional vanilla or a creative gingersnap molasses, the ice cream is always richly flavorful here -- and served in generous portions. Kimball's also has two state-of-the-art miniature golf courses, an outdoor grill and seafood shack a bumper boat area, an animal petting area, arcades, a golf putting area, driving range and batting cages. The setting is beautiful -- not touristy at all -- and the overall experience some of the most fun we had when traveling New England last summer.

I remember when Kimball Farm was just an ice cream stand. Those were truly memorable times driving in my dad's wood paneled station wagon 40 minutes west of our home to enjoy ice cream as the sun went down. I think of all the special memories back then; however, I like Kimball Farm better in the 21st century. With more flavors of ice cream and all the other activities going on here, it's easy to spend a morning or afternoon at this landmark ice cream stand -- so you just don't go for an ice cream cone and then drive home. Kimball Farm is clearly more of a complete New England travel attractions destination now! Be sure to get here if you're in the area!

Favorite ice cream flavors:
Gingersnap molasses
Orange pineapple
Black Raspberry
German chocolate fudge
Cherry vanilla chip

Kimball Farm is located at  400 Littleton Rd., Westford MA (Route 110). Tel. (978) 486-3891. I'd recommend visiting the Kimball Farm Westford Web Site to find out seasonal hours and what's open and what isn't!

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