Monday, March 15, 2010

Ginjo Japanese Restaurant Comes to Walpole, Mass.

Bookmark and Shareby Eric H. gives a hearty welcome to Ginjo, a new restaurant in Walpole, Mass., with hibachi (including great, "fiery" shows being put on by the chefs), sushi bar, dining rooms, a lounge, take-out and delivery services.

The restaurant features a comfortable but beautifully sleek, spacious look, thus belying its plain strip mall location just outside downtown Walpole on Route 1A. Formerly the Blue Orchid Chinese restaurant, the prideful ownership of that restaurant remains intact (and with the original Blue Orchid still in operation in neighboring Westwood, Mass.).

Our first visit included sampling a delicious buckwheat Soba noodles with beef, shrimp and assorted vegetables. Judging from this introductory, incredibly fresh dish, we look forward to visiting this new Japanese restaurant again and again. More reports on Ginjo to come!

Ginjo Restaurant
889 Main Street
Walpole, MA 02081
Tel. 508-660-2888

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