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New Hampshire Fall Foliage Updates, Oct. 5

New Hampshire foliage press release source: VisitNH.com. Photo at Silver Lake State Park, Hollis, N.H., by Eric H.

Bookmark and ShareThe New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development foliage update press release update for Oct. 5, 2009, reports great progress in fall foliage colors over the past week, including "beautiful foliage" overtaking the Great North Woods Region and the White Mountains Regions on "the brink of reaching peak fall foliage color."

The rest of the state shines in splendid colors, too, with some of the best in New England! The Sunapee-Dartmouth Region is also near peak with "flashy reds, burnt oranges and fine yellows showing up everywhere." Leaf peepers report the Lakes Region displaying "a mix of colors here and there," while the "contrast of reds, oranges, pinks and yellows among the green is stunning" in the Monadnock Region. The Merrimack Valley Region "hillsides are ablaze with autumn color," while the Seacoast Region leaves are "nearly 50% changed now, with some areas more colorful than other."

Here is the detailed New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development press release report on foliage updates throughout New Hampshire:

Great North Woods Region: Beautiful foliage has overtaken the Great North Woods region. All roads throughout this area lead to explosive color. Bring your camera for plenty of breathtaking photo opportunities, especially near edges of rivers, lakes and ponds. Our leaf peepers are reporting 100% color everywhere! Deep oranges and reds, along with a few golden yellows, are dominating the landscape from the mountains to the valleys. Some wind has hit the area, which has created colorful carpets of leaves on the ground, but most trees are holding on firmly to the vivid autumn foliage. All lakes are reported to look stunning as the colors reflect onto the water’s surface.

White Mountains Region: The White Mountains region is on the brink of reaching peak fall foliage color, and is expected to be there by this weekend. Reports from our leaf peepers in this area are saying that the colors are great everywhere! Several mountain passes and notches have reached the height of grand autumn color, including the west end of the Kancamagus Highway, Pinkham Notch, Kinsman Notch, and Crawford Notch. Waterville Valley is 90% changed and is showcasing vibrant reds, clear oranges, and lemon yellows, all against a backdrop of green pines. Most any road you travel in this region will reward you with visions of beautiful fall colors.

Lakes Region: Our leaf peepers in the Lakes Region are reporting a mix of colors here and there. Some roads have well-established color, while other areas have just begun to change. The Ossipee Mountain Range is nearly 50% changed, while the Belknap Mountains are still predominantly green. The land surrounding the northern part of Lake Winnipesaukee is showcasing a blend of deep reds and oranges with scattered yellows, while the southern end is 20 to 30% turned. The good news is that the area still has plenty of green, which means lots of change to come.

Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Region: The Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee region is near peak, with flashy reds, burnt oranges and fine yellows showing up everywhere. Our leaf peepers in this area are reporting great splashes of color throughout, with a fair amount of green trees yet to turn. This area has a number of covered bridges and scenic drives, so don’t be afraid to explore the back roads – the most unexpected scenic vistas can be found by taking a right here and a left there. Overall, the region is about 80% turned and will be near peak by this weekend.

Monadnock Region: If you travel the Monadnock Region this week, you will find that fall foliage color is everywhere. The contrast of reds, oranges, pinks and yellows among the green is stunning. The colors below the summit of Mount Monadnock are coming in very nicely, and all areas surrounding waterways and ponds are reported to be magnificent. Some trees are showing several colors during this transformation – it’s not unusual to find a blend of harvest golds, warm russets and peachy oranges on some trees. Lakes and ponds are reflective pools of color. The region is about 70% changed, and will look spectacular as the season progresses.

Merrimack Valley Region: In the Merrimack Valley region, the hillsides are ablaze with autumn color. All the fall colors are on display throughout this area, from pastels to bright oranges, strong reds, and shy yellows, and the shades are more vibrant in the northern parts of the region than in the southern parts. Generally the edges of meadows and along the banks of rivers and ponds are showing bright colors, while distances beyond are holding on to the greens of summer. This region overall still has some time to go before reaching its full peak of color.

Seacoast Region: The leaves in the Seacoast region are nearly 50% changed now, with some areas more colorful than others. The red and sugar maples are still vibrant, with areas surrounding waterways showing remarkable colors. The oranges and yellows throughout natural areas are most dramatic when viewed in the early morning and late afternoon, when the sun glows through the trees. The eastern side of the region is still mostly green, but that will change in the days ahead, especially with the cold nights and warm days of autumn to help push things along.

For a recorded report of fall foliage update, please call the New Hampshire state tourism hot line at: 1-800-258-3608.

Editor's note: For great reading on New England fall foliage, we recommend checking out The Colors of Fall: A Celebration of New England's Foliage Seasonby Jerry and Marcy Monkman.

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