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The Latest New Hampshire Fall Foliage Updates, Oct. 12, 2009

New Hampshire foliage press release source: VisitNH.com. Photo at Silver Lake State Park, Hollis, N.H., by Eric H.

Bookmark and ShareWe're into the New Hampshire fall foliage season home stretch here, with brilliant colors abundant in many areas of the state, according to the New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development. Although most of the Great North Woods Region is past peak, strong color remains there while the White Mountains, Lakes, Dartmouth, Monadnock and Merrimack Regions at near or full peak. The Seacoast Region (Portsmouth-Dover area) is not quite yet at full peak, but shows advanced colors in many parts of this coastal area.

Without further delay, here is the latest detailed New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development press release report on foliage updates, from Oct. 12, 2009, throughout New Hampshire:

Great North Woods Region: There’s still a good amount of color in the Great North Woods region despite being just past peak. The wind and frost has taken down some of the leaves, but the good news is that the remaining colors are still strong, and there are expanded views now. Travelers to the region may even see some snow fall this week, which will contrast nicely with the lasting reds and oranges. There’s still plenty of hiking and wildlife watching to do in this area, so consider coming up for a quiet vacation or plan a hunting weekend with friends. Enjoy the solitude of this pristine part of the state.

White Mountains Region: Most of the White Mountains region remains at peak fall foliage, with the exception of parts of the Kancamagus Highway, which retains most of its color on its east side. There are lots of colorful patches throughout the region, including the panoramic views from Lincoln, the area around Franconia Notch State Park, and the Mount Washington Valley. There’s nothing like seeing the fall foliage from a train – please visit www.visitwhitemountains.com and click ‘Things to Do’ for a list of fall foliage train rides and other attractions. Traveling around this region will still reward you with beautiful fall color, so enjoy it while you can.

Lakes Region: The Lakes region is right on time with its near peak fall foliage conditions. We’re told that Lake Winnipesaukee is 80% changed right now. It seems every year this area reaches peak after Columbus Day, which extends the fall season for everyone. Now is the time to plan a scenic cruise on one of the lakes – please visit www.lakesregion.org for a list of cruise options. Click “Where to Play” on the home page, and choose Cruises and Boat Tours. You can see the leaves from any vessel, from a six passenger private charter boat to the high and mighty M/S Mount Washington.

Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Region: Although the Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee region is mostly at peak, some areas are just past. Still, the colors are bright and stunning, and a drive around this region will showcase a mix of sunny yellows, burnt oranges, and vibrant reds. A favorite scenic drive is Route 103 from Newport through Claremont, north on Route 12A to the Cornish-Windsor covered bridge. The foliage surrounding the bridge is vibrant and beautiful – it’s truly a photographer’s dream. Meander north on 12A for a taste of New Hampshire agriculture, as this road passes a number of farms and farms stands.

Monadnock Region: Colorful foliage awaits you in the Monadnock region, as the majority of the area is in its height of color. Although some of the early maples have dropped their leaves, the remaining colors are brilliant. Our leaf peepers are reporting that the oranges, reds and yellows are gorgeous, and it doesn’t matter if you’re driving or walking, the views are spectacular. From a distance, Mount Monadnock appears to be bathed in a smoky red haze, and the colors just pop as you get closer and closer. One leaf peeper described the forest as being lit from within when the sunlight shines through it.
Travel back roads through this region for rewarding panoramic views. The streets of Jaffrey are lined with scarecrows right now in celebration of the harvest season.

Merrimack Valley Region: The red oaks have just begun to turn in the Merrimack Valley Region, and will join the myriad of bright reds, deep burgundies, golden yellows and bright oranges that have pushed this region into peak color. We are told that any road you travel in this area now is drenched with beautiful fall foliage. Look for stone walls lining these roads for vibrant sugar maples flashing stunning orange leaves. Narrower roads have trees arching over them, making you feel like you’re traveling through a tunnel of colors! Take a right, take a left, and enjoy the scenery.

Seacoast Region: Colors abound in the Seacoast region of the state. Although the area is not quite at peak, the foliage is very advanced in some areas and just beginning in others. Routes 27, 107, 108 and 16 provide stunning views and frequent patches of well-established color. Route 101 west from Hampton to Epping is displaying a mix of vibrant reds, sharp oranges, and deep yellows right now; so is Route 4 from Durham to Nottingham. This part of the state is best explored with no particular destination in mind.Travel back roads and look for farm stands, natural areas, and beautiful scenic views.

For a recorded report of fall foliage updates, please call the New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development fall foliage hot line at: 1-800-258-3608.

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