Monday, May 11, 2015

Richie's Slush in Everett MA is Back in Business!

Richie's Slush, Everett MA (photo by Eric)
Richie's Slush in Everett, Mass., announced in mid-May that it would close it storefront after nearly 60 years in business, but  thankfully had a change of heart to reopen the legendary Italian ice landmark.

The Sunday message on the Richie's Slush web site said,"(Due) to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, Richie's Store on the Parkway will not be opening this season. We apologize for this and hope you will purchase Richie's Italian Ice Products from one of our many other fine locations and retailers."

The new message, posted today, reads,

"Because of hard work and an overwhelming support from our customers, Richie's Original Store on the Parkway in Everett will RE-OPEN this Friday May 15th!

We would like to thank all of you for being such valued and loyal customers of our business for the past 50 years. We have always appreciated and enjoyed serving you and also want to thank you for so many calls and entries in our blog page, plus all the social media comments to us on Facebook and Twitter, etc... As you can imagine, we simply could not do what we do or be as successful as we've always been, were it not for customers like you!

So again, thank you, and we cannot wait to see all our awesome customer's back in line yelling out their favorite flavor. We look forward to seeing you in the near future!

Richie's Slush on the Parkway"

The 2084 Revere Beach Parkway shop location is a local legend  --  in business since 1956. The classic ice cream stand-like storefront, friendly old school service, lines down the street, the humble working classic location and, of course, the delicious slush never fail to create a wonderful summertime experience. Flavors like lemon, banana, watermelon, blue vanilla, cherry, root beer, orange cream, tangerine, mango, lime and sour blue raspberry are all beloved and consumed with great regularity by thousands of customers over the summer!

On a side note, many customers did not know that the Richie's wholesale business and retail store are under different management. According to a Facebook post, "Richie's wholesale had no association with the parkway store closing."

Welcome back, Richie's Slush, after that very brief hiatus.  You are part of a neighborhood and a community that extends well beyond its Everett location and we love you dearly.  At this moment, let's raise a toast to your amazing storefront with a root beer Italian ice mixed with soft serve vanilla ice cream...

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