Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New England Travel Resolution for 2014

My sister-in-law Maggie Kerrigan recently wrote a fantastic book entitled The (almost) Blank Journal to inspire clarity and creativity for daily writing. Meant for both the creative mind and highly structured thinker, Maggie's book features "prompts (motivational words and thoughts) for writing and drawing..." It's really a simple but brilliant concept. Plus, Maggie knows what she is talking about, given her quest for creativity as a significantly talented artist.

I own several web sites and blogs, but this one, the Weekly New England Travel and Vacation Gazette, has hit a creative road block several times in its existence without clear direction -- that is, until I opened Maggie's Christmas gift in the mail. As often as possible, I am going to try my hand at daily writing on this blog -- motivated and guided by Maggie's journal.

Today, I focus on Resolutions with the topic being New England Travel in 2014. Since we are on a tight family budget, cheap day trip destinations will be prioritized on the New England travel agenda for 2014. These destinations will need to be close to home and have something unique and interesting to offer.

One such inspirational place is Onset, Mass., a Victorian seaside neighborhood in Wareham, Mass. We visited last summer, but nowhere near enough. With cheap parking, a beautiful sandy free beach located on the bay, stunning Victorian residential architecture, a walkable downtown with little mom and pop shops and cheap eats restaurants like Marc Anthony's and Stash's (with seafood and water views), I know Onset will serve for us as a lower-cost alternative to Cape Cod and coastal southern Maine. I can hardly wait until summer!

A view from the Onset town common
The beach looks mighty inviting!
A welcoming, walkable downtown
What are some of your 2014 New England travel New Years resolutions? Please comment below, we'd love to hear your ideas!
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