Friday, May 25, 2012

Barnacle Billy's, Ogunquit, Maine, is a Timeless Dining Tradition

Barnacle Billy's restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine, seems like a rite of passage into the Maine summertime.

Rarely do you find someone in New England that doesn't know about this landmark seafood restaurant specializing in fresh Maine lobster, steamed clams, chowder, lobster rolls, lobster stew, over sized drinks and, well, barbecue chicken (don't laugh, it's really good).

It's not that Barnacle Billy's is better than other local restaurants, specializing in seafood. It's just that Barnacle Billy's has a well-known presence, a timeless tradition, a waterfront location and excellent seafood that results in this dining incumbent constantly being reelected by thousands of visitors and locals every year looking for a trusted, dependable restaurant.

Barnacle Billy's actually has two locations, virtually right next to each other. Barnacle Billy's, Etc., offers more ambiance than the original location, but either restaurant is fine as you get the same outstanding seafood. We do prefer Billy's, Etc., however, as it's a bit more spacious and comfortable, and the views of the harbor and ocean from the expansive sundeck are really spectacular -- especially at sunset. Plus, after lunch or dinner you can explore beautiful Perkins Cove with its quaint little seaside shops as well as walking Marginal Way -- a spectacular mile and a half path along the rocky coastline of Maine. Ogunquit Beach, one of Maine's best sandy ocean beaches, is at the other end.

I've been coming here since I was a kid, and have always had a great meal. Some things never change, and it's nice to see Barnacle Billy's appeal to multi-generations of visitors to southern Maine through the years. Hope you get to experience this slice of southern Maine dining bliss!

Barnacle Billy's is located at 50-70 Perkins Cove Rd. in Ogunquit, Maine. Tel. 1-800-866-5575 

Perkins Cove (photo by Eric)
Marginal Way (photo by Eric)

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