Friday, March 23, 2012

Dude, That Pinterest Social Media Site is Unbelievable!

Last night, I had this rather interesting dream about a social media competition, and the judges were Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler from American Idol. Their focus was on judging the hot social media site, Pinterest.

In the dream, Randy started out by saying, "Yo, yo, yo! Dawg, every time I think I have seen it all, someone like you comes along and gives its own special voice to social media. When you hit your visual note, I was like, "yo," this social media site can rock! You are definitely in it to win it! Dude, you were unbelievable! I mean, that was dope, man!"

Next in the dream, J Lo said, "Pinterest, you know how much I love you -- you know, that you make your social media site so visual and full of pretty images like flowers, arts and crafts, and fashion. And it's that visual element that makes you so special. I know you're new to the social media game, so you've got to keep believing in yourself. You've been great all along and I think you have what it takes to be in the finals of social media (BIG SMILE)."

Then, in my dream, Steven Tyler said about Pinterest, "That was beautiful, man, you've nailed this social media thing. Great job!"

Now I don't know what Randy, J Lo and Steven think of Pinterest in real life, but I can tell you that it has been a godsend for my social media program here at our web sites and blogs. Quite simply, Pinterest allows us to give our readers a comprehensive visual tour of New England unlike anything we've ever done before.  You can start following our Visiting New England pinboards right here.

Ultimately, Pinterest allows us to help you, the reader, with your New England trip planning  -- whether it be a vacation or a day trip. It's like the online version of taking a touring bus across New England. Ever wondered what pristine Acadia National Park in Maine looks like? We've got some amazing photos on our pinboards. Curious about what it feels like to be on sunny Cape Cod in the summertime? We have personality-filled downtown and beach shots of quintessential Cape Cod on our pinboards. Looking for a hidden New England travel destination, but worried that it will be too boring or more aligned with the movie "Deliverance?" Don't worry, you'll be able to get a taste of the what the area is like through photos and, often, descriptions -- or links leading to detailed articles. Curious about what our New England cities are like. We have lots of photos that, figuratively, rise above the skyline!

I'm liking the way our New England pinboards are coming together, and hope you do, too. For your browsing ease, we have categorized pinboards that include Favorite New England Places, Bucket List New England Hotels, New England Restaurants, Affordable Travel, Family Friendly Lodging in New England, Romantic New England Dining, Date Night Restaurants, Diners and Roadside Restaurants, Best Shopping and Classic Family Attractions. We also have locally-flavored pinboards on Food and Drink, Wicked Good Ice Cream in New England, The Amazing York Beach (Maine), Main Streets Across New England (my personal favorite!), Connecticut Scenery, Maine Scenery, Massachusetts Scenery, New Hampshire Scenery, Rhode Island Scenery and Vermont Scenery. We have also set up "Share Your New England Vacation Photos," as well as a "Goodwill in New England" pinboards to get the word out on New England businesses and organizations that do a lot of good in the community.

I hope you get to see what Pinterest in all about, and looking at our New England pinboards. Happy travels and we hope you find New England to be unbelievable, dude!

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