Monday, September 26, 2011

Coastal New England during the Fall Season

Nubble Lighthouse in the early evening -- amazing! (photo by Eric)
Don't forget about coastal New England during the fall season!

We tend to think of the mountains in New England as the place to take in the fall colors of New England. It's true that you'll get a higher concentration of fall foliage in these regions. We find, however, that visiting places like southern Maine during the fall makes for just as fun of a time. The summer crowds lessen greatly and many of the shops and restaurants are still open for the season. If you're lucky, you'll catch a fall harvest event, thus adding to the overall grand feeling of being by the coast.

Virtually empty Short Sands Beach (photo by Eric)
We love York Beach, Maine, during the fall. On a good weather day, it's nice walking Short Sands Beach or Long Sands Beach and virtually having the beach to yourself. Or sitting on the rocky coast and gazing at Nubble Lighthouse -- one of America's most photographed lighthouses. We've also seen some decent fall foliage in this area, but that's not the real star of the show. Rather, it's just enjoying the coast in some good weather -- and before the harsh winter begins. In a way, it's like holding onto the last legs of summer, and that's always a good thing when in New England!

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