Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Enjoying a New England Spring Day at Long Sands Beach, York Beach, Maine

Long Sands Beach, York Beach, Maine (photo by Eric)
This familiar phrase our parents told us virtually every day when growing up turned out to possess great wisdom: "Go outside and play, and get some fresh air!"

Getting out to play and breathe in fresh air at Long Sands Beach in York Beach, Maine, last weekend,   was a true revelation. After a harsh cold winter that encouraged hibernation -- and the perpetual four seasons of Boston area nightmare traffic and the astounding variety of driver discourtesies -- visiting Long Sands Beach was like being in another world. We pretty much had the beach to ourselves (it's packed in the summer) and the gentle spring breeze alternating with a slight Maine chill in the air provided a really pleasant feeling. With Nubble Lighthouse in the distance and two miles of empty beach for us to explore, we stayed for as along as we could -- and then stalled to head back to the Boston area. It was like coming in late for a play date. Except this time, there was no being sent to bed early or not being allowed to watch that episode of Gilligan's Island when they almost got off the island. We just made a commitment to schedule another play date at Long Sands Beach with a deliberate mission to break yet another self-imposed curfew.

Can't get enough of this place. Long Sands Beach, to us, is the ultimate New England place to go outside, play and get some fresh air!

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TheTravelAngel said...

We visited Long Sands beach during the first week of July. It is a very wide beach, from the road to the low tide mark. The sand is very smooth and hard, not a lot of fun to lie down on or dig in, but you can walk around without getting a lot of sand stuck to you!

:-) Jane



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