Monday, September 20, 2010

Norwood, Mass., a Close-Knit New England Community

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Article and photos by Eric H.
We've heard it again and again: so many people that were born and raised in Norwood, Mass., never leave. The same affinity for Norwood also holds true for numerous transplants, compelled to lay down their roots in this mid-sized, southwest suburban Boston, Mass., town.

Why? Well, Norwood has a strong sense of community, a fantastic downtown with shops, restaurants, historic buildings and a fabulous town common -- plus, established tree-lined neighborhoods, good schools, plenty of activities for people of all ages, and proximity to Boston and Providence, R.I.

Want proof that this is a close-knit, involved community? Take a look at the photos taken at yesterday's Norwood Town Day," which brought out thousands of people. Now that's what we call a real New England community!

Editor's note: the author does not live in Norwood and has no vested interest in the town. He just likes the place!

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