Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Old-Time Boston/New England Ad Jingles and Slogans

Article by Eric H.
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Thought we'd take some time out from New England trip-planning information this morning to reflect on the warm memories of local television and radio ad jingles and slogans from yesteryear.

Bradlee's department store with the ad singers stating that chipper, know-it-all inventory manager "Mrs. B is Buying?"

The 1960s-style "In Crowd" swing-like jingle of Dave Dinger Ford in Braintree, Mass., asking "How does Dinger do it?"

The Thompson's Clam Bar (Harwichport, Mass.) jingle, "We're going to Thompson's Clam Bar 'cause that's where the very best clams are!"

The faint and anemic-sounding,  semi-muted tropical-like jingle for the Island Queen (the ferry from Falmouth to Martha's Vineyard)?

Whalom Park (now-closed amusement park in Lunenberg, Mass.) for "A whale of a time?"

The Filene's department store jingle that spelled out "F-I-L-E-N-E-S?"

Barbo's Furniture (Burlington, Mass.), a classic car radio ad jingle, with the memorable easy-listening sung line, "Barbo's, Barbo's.. the furniture you can live with happily ever after?"

Christo's Greek-American restaurant in Brockton, Mass., with its "Home of the Greek salad king" slogan (still is, to this very day!)?

And, of course, the over-the-top "There's a Lot to Like About Lowell" jingle, extolling the incredible virtues of that Massachusetts city?

Please feel free to share your memories of Boston/New England ad jingles by posting a comment here!


George Smith said...

W-H-D-H... Skyway patrol!

George Smith said...

The radio tag for WHDH...

"W-H-D-H ... Skyway Patrol!"

Anonymous said...

"Dave Dinger Ford... in Braintree (in Braintree)!"



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