Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Find Latest Golf Course Updates at Our New England Golf List Page

If you enjoy golfing in New England, we offer you a list of of updates from some of the region's best golf courses through our Golf Courses in New England list, via Twitter.

We feel this is a great way to learn about different golf courses in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts,  New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.  You might find information on current golf conditions, special rates, promotions events, or just to get an overall feel of the golf courses.  Through the advent of social media, it's like getting "real-time" updates on golf courses in New England.

Some profiles you see will be of resorts that have golf courses --so you might come across information other than golf. We recommend visiting their sites to get the whole "big picture" -- including what they have to offer in regards to golf. Some of New England's best golf courses are located at resorts.

We'll be locating more golf courses to add to the list, so please check back in often. If you'd like to see your favorite New England golf course included on our list (and providing they have a Twitter account), please let us know! Happy golfing in New England this summer to you all!
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