Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Wealth of the Newport, RI, Sea at Ocean Drive

Article and Photo by Eric H.

Newport, RI, is best known for its spectacular mansions and, to an ever-so-slightly lesser degree, shopping, waterfront dining and lodging, the Newport Jazz and Folk Festivals, and the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

I'll take the Newport sea any day, however, especially where the Narragansett Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean on Ocean Drive.

Driving the several miles of winding roads on Ocean Drive, affording spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, reminded me of the innate purity of Newport -- the reason so many wealthy New Yorkers flocked here in the 1800s to connect and relax by the magnificent ocean.

Rhode Island is the country's smallest state, but more significant is its nickname, the "Ocean State." Here on Ocean Drive, the enormity of the sea elevates this tiny state to an incredible, although familiar discovery: big things come in small packages!

Whether a spectacular sunset, a breezy spring or summer day, or a clear, crisp chilly fall day (and let's also add a stark, gray New England winter day to the mix), Ocean Drive represents the best of New England coastal travel. Additionally, don't forget to visit Brenton Point State Park on Ocean Drive with more spectacular Atlantic Ocean views and the chance to fish, hike, picnic. It's a beautiful place. Gooseberry Beach is also another ideal Ocean Drive travel destination with its family-oriented swimming beach open to the public during the summer.

Of course, just driving this stunning stretch is enough to fall in love with the Rhode Island sea, with many eagerly-awaited happy returns in the near future.

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