Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thank-you, Curt Schilling

This is a thank-you letter to Curt Schilling.

Curt, although I do not personally know you, I want to thank you for everything you've done while spending time in the Boston, Mass., area. While some people focus on your strong opinions, I choose to center on your humanity, your mission to help others in need, your support of our brave men and women Soldiers, to fully potentiate your baseball skills with 100 percent effort, and your daily presence as a lifelong student of baseball, history and, most importantly, life in general. Unlike many people who feel that you can stop learning once graduating school, it seems like you have become smarter and wiser every day. We can hear it in your wise and passionate perspectives on just about anything from world politics to the politics in baseball -- and the articulation to effectively communicate the given subject matter (including some informative and entertaining entries on your blog, 38 Pitches.

Unlike some pampered, prima donna athletes who care about the money first, you seem to have connected so well to us New Englanders through candid media interviews and important work in the community. We live in the next town over from you and have heard from neighbors how much of a "regular guy" you are -- a person with a big smile, good listening skills, a kind word to say and a helping hand. One of our friends told us that you were so pleasant to others when watching July 4th fireworks one year in Walpole, Mass. We have heard other examples of your decency that are so much appreciated by "Red Sox and New England Nation." You unselfishly supported that Medfield, MA, family in need on "Extreme Home Makeover," and your work to fight against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, Lou Gerhig's Disease) through Curt's Pitch For ALS speaks volumes about your priorities in life.

Boston can be a nasty town -- with a sector of the media contributing greatly to that dubious, self-centered cause -- but you have chosen to recognize and celebrate the Boston sports fan, the New England resident, and to carry on the magic of our National Pastime, which has sadly become somewhat tainted by financial greed and cheating through the years.

You received a lot of credit for that bloody sock incident -- and what a effort you put in to help us win the 2004 World Series -- but your dedication to the game goes well beyond that. It was an honor seeing you pitch every time out -- you weren't given the best athletic skills, but, boy, did you make the most out of them. We hard-working New Englanders with a traditionally strong work ethic appreciate the effort!

Best wishes in your future endeavors. We wish you could stay in New England, but you know what's best for you and your family. Your presence created a lot of memories that we New Englanders can take with us, forever -- including seeing the Red Sox finally becoming World Series Champions after years of suffering. Thank-you again for being such an integral part of our beloved baseball team and region!

Best regards,
Eric H.
Editor and Publisher
The Weekly New England Travel and Vacation Gazette

Editor's note: So, you might be ultimately asking , what's a thank-you letter to Curt Schilling doing in a New England Travel Blog? Well, we also like to focus on the people who make New England so special. You'll be seeing a lot more focus on this type of writing, as New England is not just a place of places and things. The people, ultimately, make it a special place!

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