Sunday, November 9, 2008

For New Englanders Who Have A Sweet Tooth...

Article and photo (Country Kitchen, Walpole, MA) by Eric H.

The impending holiday seasons bring about an enhanced craving for anything sweet, especially cookies, pies and cakes. As for the rest of the season, well, people will always find a reason to eat something sugar-related.

While we know that the best route to health is through eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, we also know the reality that there's a place in our hearts (although not always doing that part of our body well) for a special treat. Balance is the key and as long as you don't have a medical situation, an occasional sugary treat can be quite enjoyable. Here in New England, we have reviewed several of the best places to buy a special treat in our In Search of a Sweet New England at Here, you'll find delightful bakeries, chocolate factories and other sweet-smelling places where they offer chocolates, ice cream, donuts, candies and other sugary concoctions. At the bottom of the article, you'll find a virtual online bakery from David's Cookies (not-based in New England, but very special indeed!) where you can purchase a special treat!.

Enjoy this "sweet" article!

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