Magnetized to Salt Water Taffy Making in York Beach, Maine

Article and photo by Eric H.

The New England sea has an innate ability to magnetize us to its waves, the changing color of the waters, the salt sea air and the cushy natural flooring of the sand. It's just a natural mechanism for many New Englanders to head to the ocean for this special rejuvenation of the soul and senses.

In York Beach, Maine, across from Short Sands Beach, a whole group of people have found another magnetizing source of enjoyment by watching through the windows the making of salt water taffy at The Goldenrod. This landmark seasonal restaurant (established in 1896) features a dazzling array of machines that, when combined with the human touch of salt water taffy making, create a classic visual summertime scene. Adults and children alike gaze curiously through the windows, apparently enjoying the process just as much as ultimately purchasing the salt water taffy -- affectionately and traditionally known as Goldenrod Kisses. For many of us, viewing this tasty production is an annual travel "must" as part of York Beach's magnetizing presence. And yes, the salt water taffy is phenomenal --eight million pieces are made each year with seemingly half of that amount consumed by us!

We recommend going inside The Goldenrod, experiencing the sweet aroma of boiling sugar and molasses filling the air, and then buying some of these magically delicious Goldenrod Kisses. While at the Goldenrod, we also encourage you to sit down for a good breakfast, lunch or dinner -- or ice cream at the old-fashioned soda fountain. Summer is always good at York Beach and The Goldenrod!

The Goldenrod
2 Railroad Ave.
York Beach, Maine
Tel. 207-363-2621


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