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Best Diners in New England Book Makes for a Perfect Traveling Companion

Diners are an American institution with their welcoming ways, historic dining car presence, friendly and efficient service, and those great, mouthwatering blue plate specials and homemade pies.

The question is, how do you know which ones to dine at when traveling New England?

I feel that my new ebook, The Best Diners in New England, will solve that challenge for you.

While traveling New England through the years to write articles for my web site,, I often ate at diners as a way to save money, take in the local vibe, feel welcomed, and feast on those great comfort foods.

Until last year, I had never thought of writing a book on diners, but it occurred to me that I had eaten at quite a few, and it could be a service to New England travelers to write about the very best places.  That way, I could help take the guesswork out of which diners for you to enjoy in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

What a wonderful experience visiting these diners and then writing
Olympia Diner, Newington, Conn.
a book for your benefit! The Best Diners in New England book features information of why the diners listed are worth a visit including the great food offered, history, interesting and funny anecdotes, celebrity and political sightings, and some interviews with staff and owners.  Of course, each diner chapter features colorful photos, too!

The Best Diners in New England can also be read on any device, including your smartphones. This is especially convenient, as you can take the book on the road and get information, on the spot, on which diners to eat in a given area in the six-state region.

I wrote the book for two reasons: first, as mentioned, to help you
Custard French Toast, from the Modern Diner, Pawtucket, R.I.
with the dining side of your New England travels,  and also to help get the word out on these great, little small businesses in the form of a diner. I have done this without any vested interest and focused solely on writing straight-from-the-heart and what my taste buds told me.

Many of these diners thrive locally, but have faced challenges with fast food chains in the area and a problematic economy -- not friendly to small businesses.

So, my ultimate mission in the book was to make sure you could find a quality diner offering good value for the money while helping these diners be better known. I think it is especially important to help small businesses, like diners, as the owners and staff work so hard every day -- and that when we support small businesses, more money goes back into the community.

Happy travels and enjoy these true slices of Americana!

The Best Diners in New England book can be purchased safely and securely through PayPal...

Classic town commons

The best towns commons in Massachusetts

My first book, “Massachusetts Town Greens: A History of the State’s Common Centers,” has just been published and I can hardly wait for you to read it.

I wrote this one-of-a-kind book as a great traveling companion for US travel and history lovers, especially for those that love to discover New England. The book explores, in great detail, the history and current events at these remarkable town commons. The town commons make for great summer destinations! Having experienced some amazing experiences at these town and city focal points, I share with you the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of these beautiful community gathering places. Consider this book your word-of-mouth resource for local town greens; these special places are New England’s original “top travel attractions!” Here is the link to "Massachusetts Town Greens on Amazon

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